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Socioeconomics Program

The Center's Socioeconomics Program conducts a broad range of research across the Pacific Islands Region to support NOAA goals of sustainable fisheries, habitat conservation, and protected species recovery within coastal and oceanic ecosystems. More...

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Recent Staff Publications

  • December 21, 2015
    Measuring productivity in a shared stock fishery: a case study of the Hawaii longline fishery
    Pan M, Walden J
    [2015] Marine Policy 62: 302-308. doi:10.1016/j.marpol.2015.07.018
  • September 25, 2015
    Proceedings of the 2014 NOAA Economics of Protected Resources Workshop, September 9-11, 2014, La Jolla, California
    Bisack KD, Squires DE, Lipton DW, Hilger JR, Holland DS, Johnson DH, Lee M-Y, Lent R, Lew DK, Magnusson G, Pan M, Queirolo LE, Stohs S, Speir CL, Wallmo KA
    [2015] U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA Technical Memorandum, NMFS NE-233, 179 p. doi:10.7289/v5qr4v3d
  • August 27, 2015
    Length-weight relationships for 85 fish species from Guam
    Kamikawa KT, Cruz E, Essington TE, Hospital J, Brodziak JKT, Branch TA
    [2015] Journal of Applied Ichthyology. doi:10.1111/jai.12877
  • July 13, 2015
    Economic performance and status of American Samoa longline fishery, 2014
    Pan M
    [2015] Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, PIFSC Internal Report, IR-15-015, 9 p
  • April 6, 2015
    Yellowfin tuna commercial minimum size alternatives: Insights from Honolulu consumer markets
    Hospital J
    [2015] Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, PIFSC Internal Report, IR-15-014, 14 p
  • February 20, 2015
    American Samoa fishing community profile: 2013 update
    Grace-McCaskey CA
    [2015] Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center Administrative Report H-15-04, 30 p. doi:10.7289/V5W66HQ4