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Kahana Itozaki Catches the Second Barbless Circle Hook 100 Pounder

September 26, 2011

The Hilo Casting Club's September club tournament was a doozy this year. Many big fish were weighed in by the club members. This year the winning ulua topped out the scale at 101.2 pounds. This special ulua was caught by HCC president Kahana Itozaki using a barbless circle hook. This 101.2 lb ulua is his 4th hundred pounder of his career but just his first using a barbless circle hook. This is the second hundred pound ulua for the BCH project since it started in 2005.

Kahana was fishing alone at his secret spot after taking it over from friends. His friends reported that they had gotten bites and that they had a good sized ulua get pinned down on the left side of the spot. It was pinned down for 5 hours before it got off (the barbed circle hook) and floated away. They estimated it to be in the 50-60 lb range. They left and Kahana took over the spot and made his slides with fresh bait. Kahana soon got his bite and after a tough battle it too got pinned down on the left side. Instead of getting anxious and doing anything to break the line he elected to "wait it out" in hopes of the ulua untangling itself or floating free. Ten hours of waiting later he made the decision to break the line hoping that only the lead line was snagged and that the ulua could then be reeled in. Gloving the line broke only the lead line, luck was on his side. He reeled the big fish in then took an hour to get it up the cliff by himself. I guess the big fish had his name on it from the start. This was a well-deserved catch for the recently converted barbless circle hook angler. The project is now at #2 and counting for barbless hundred pounders.

Congratulations to Kahana on his historic catch and many thanks for contributing to science by donating the head and gonads (eggs) to the State Ulua Tagging Project. Just how old was that 101.2 pound grandma you caught?