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Exceptional Barbless Circle Hook Catches at the 14th annual Pole Benda Fishing Tournament

May 26, 2013

During the 14th annual Pole Benda tournament Kahana Itozaki and Jordan Kilkenny showcased the effectiveness of the barbless circle hooks by making a spectacular number of catches. They combined for 10 uluas weighed in and over nine other uluas tagged and released. Kahana's largest barbless ulua weighed in at 79.6 pounds which was good enough for 2nd place in the open division. Jordan's largest ulua was a 46.3 pound ulua which placed 5th. Both Kahana and Jordan weighed in 5 barbless caught uluas each. Kahana also caught, tagged, and released an additional 9 uluas on barbless hooks. Jordan also caught, tagged, and released numerous uluas as well. In the omilu division Sean Giron placed 2nd with his barbless 13.5 lb fish while Jordan Kilkenny placed 3rd by just 0.10 of a pound weighing in his barbless omilu at 13.4 pounds.