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Stephen Arquitola Catches 95.7 Pound Ulua on Barbless Circle Hook

June 29, 2011

NEWS FLASH - First-time barbless angler Stephen Arquitola catches 95.7 pound ulua on barbless circle hooks he got at the last Pole Benda tournament. "I received free hooks at the NOAA booth which was set up at the Pole Benda Tournament and figured I'd try it out. Was this my first time...yes, never used barbless before.”

The rest is history.

June 2011. Stephen Arquitola describes the events of the day like this: "I took my friend fishing because it was his birthday. So we decided to go to our secret spot. We were fishing small game and I hooked up a good size akule, so I decided to slide it on my barbless 16/0 hook. The strike came about 15 minutes later and the battle was on. It took a good initial run and almost drained my 454 Newell. I finally stopped him and began to bring him in. He took two more runs and finally gave up. The battle lasted about 15 minutes. It was the best fight so far for me."

Keep up the good work guys! The 2011 season was full of the usual "barbless challenges", a few new tournaments and fishing club contacts as well as the end of an old familiar tournament that will be missed.

Seven tournaments featured a "barbless challenge" within the usual tournament formats. The Atlapac Weighmaster Obake Shootout, the 2nd annual Nanko's Eastside Challenge, the 3rd annual GT Masters Cup, the 13th annual Pole Benda, the Tokunaga Ulua Challenge, and the 36th annual Hilo Casting Club tournament. The Barbless Circle Hook (BCH) Project also continued with its fishing club, keiki, and other outreach activities during the busy year.