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Exceptional Barbless Circle Hook Catches at the 10th Annual S. Tokunaga Ulua Challenge

June 9, 2013

The barbless and overall tournament highlight was Dean Uyetake's winning ulua, a 93.4 pounder. The Barbless Challenge anglers took 1st and 3rd (Franklin Rivera Jr., 85.1 pounds) in the Ulua division and 3rd (Keahi Akana, 20.8 pounds) in the Omilu division. Another great showing. Congratulations to all the anglers who participated in the Ulua Challenge and especially to the Barbless Challenge anglers who for the second year in a row showed that these hooks do WORK! Thank you to Mike and the gang at the S. Tokunaga Store for all their hard work.

The Tokunaga Ulua Challenge, the largest shoreline tournament in Hawaii, hosted 515 anglers this year. The Barbless Challenge (54% signed up) anglers had another great year. The weigh in went from 11 am to 2 pm on Sunday. At 11 am the first fish to be weighed in was a 24.4 pound barbless ulua caught by Morgan Carter. There were so many fish that even after the 2 pm cutoff the trucks were still lined up around the gym and deep into the parking lot. It was after 3 pm when it was all said and done. Coincidentally the last fish of the day was also a barbless ulua. This one a 19 pounder caught by Rob Libanos. Throughout the weigh in the barbless uluas and omilus kept coming at a steady pace. In the end there were a total of 21 fish weighed in that were caught on barbless circle hooks.