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Manager's Message

December 28, 2012

Kurt Kawamoto

This year was one of increased activity which kept things busy throughout the year. There were 13 tournaments that featured the Barbless Circle Hook Challenge. The majority of these tournaments are regular supporters who decided to add the barbless challenge. There were also 6 new tournaments that joined us in 2012 and included barbless for the first time. We would like to welcome aboard the 15th Annual KMart, the 16th Annual P&R Ohana, the 2nd Annual Oahu Transit Services, the Kakaako Invitational O'io, the 3rd Annual Grace Bible, and the 1st Annual Mililani Middle School tournaments to the existing 7 tournaments that have featured the challenge for years.

Every year there are many more requests and invitations for barbless outreach and tournament support than can be accomplished with available manpower and resources. This year I must again apologize for not being able to be there and accommodate every request. Every one of them is important to me.

Thank you to all of the fishermen in Hawaii who are using or tried using barbless circle hooks this year. Special thanks go out to the tournament organizers who have consistently spread the message of responsible fishing to their participating anglers. Keep up the good work. We are making a difference.

Finally, remember to fish responsibly, show respect for other beach goers, think about what happens after you bankrupt, and please keep our fishing areas clean. It really is all up to us. Thanks for being role models...Kurt