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Manager's Message

December 31, 2013

Kurt Kawamoto

The 2013 season was another very busy one. One brand new tournament took place this year — the First Annual Molokai Master's Fishing Tournament, with a Barbless Challenge. We welcome the tournament into the family and look forward to being invited over for many more. Another new partner is the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) on Kauai. The facility is open to the public for fishing and the use of barbless circle hooks is encouraged because of the presence of numerous monk seals and green sea turtles.

This year I would like to remind everyone to try using barbless hooks when turtles or monk seals are seen in your selected fishing area. We can make a difference in the outcome should any accidents happen. In our everyday fishing efforts we should also remember as fishermen we interact with more fish than anything else (duh!). When fish break off for so many reasons, have you ever thought about how a barbed hook will affect a fish that has gotten away? Stuck with a barbed hook in their mouth, can the fish go about their business of eating, growing, and reproducing? Are they doomed? What do you think happens to them? The other scenario where use of the barbless circle hook can make a difference is when we check bait and lose the rig in the process. Many times we leave a baited hook on the now "abandoned" rig. When that all-too familiar scenario happens, marine life could come along and get accidentally hooked and would have to deal with trying to shed the hook unassisted. Can we as fishermen be part of the solution in this case? It probably happens more often that we think.

Special thanks to all of the tournament organizers, clubs, and supporters who have consistently spread the message about responsible fishing. Using barbless circle hooks, cleaning up the shoreline, being courteous to other beach goers, and taking only what you can use show that fishermen are part of the solution. Keep up the good work! It really is all up to US. Thanks for being role models...Kurt