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Program Manager's Message

December 28, 2012

Barbless works!

The fact that barbless circle hook shed easily has been on record now since 2007. Each year, an average of 5-10 seals show up with a barbed circle hook in some part of their body. The undeniable "proof" that the barbless circle hooks could easily self-shed originates from this 2007 Big Island incident which was documented by NOAA researchers:

"Well, we got super lucky last night and got the hook out without even touching the seal. I've attached two pics so you can see the hook in the mouth and the hook by itself. It appears that the fisherman may have cut off the barb so the seal actually pulled the hook out herself when she reacted to me getting close, she moved away and popped it right out!!"

A lot of unintended interactions can have a similar outcome if barbless circle hooks are used by responsible fishermen. Many thanks to the fisherman who used this were definitely ahead of the game.

Please practice responsible fishing. Keep on using barbless hooks. — Kurt