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Mililani Mauka Middle School Fishing Tournament

April 28, 2012

Mililani Mauka Middle School's fishing club had its first annual fishing tournament this year.

The weigh-in was on Saturday, April 28 at Haleiwa's Alii Beach Park. The club members could sign up for barbless, ulua/papio tagging, or oʻio tagging. Clay Tam (State Ulua Tagging Project), Kim Harding (Oʻio Tagging Project), Richard Beebe (PIFG), and Billy Chang (PIFG), and Lisa White (State Marine Wildlife Program) were the outreach and education team at this event.

There were 7 fish caught by the 7 anglers that signed up for barbless out of the 17 participants that signed up. That's pretty good catching. Moana (2), papio, weke, aholehole, puffer, and Christmas tree wrasse made up the barbless catch. A big round of thank-yous to the MMS Fishing Club organizers–Tracy Momohara, Ken Johnston, Jon Ishikawa, and Trevor Umetsu. Sorry if I missed anyone else on their dedicated staff. A big thank-you also goes out to the parents who made this possible for the kids.