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Mililani Middle School Fishing Club

March 12, 2013

The Barbless Circle Hook (BCH) project and the Pacific Islands Fisheries Group (PIFG) were invited to attend the Mililani Middle School's Fishing Club meeting. The very popular school club (40+ members) meets every Tuesday after school. Mr. Tracy Momohara runs the club and, along with many dedicated volunteer helpers, provides not only fishing guidance and support but also teaches them responsibility and respect that carries over into their everyday lives.

The BCH project made a short presentation on barbless circle hooks. Clay Tam from PIFG followed up with a presentation dealing with responsible fishing and the Fisherman's Pledge. The project is providing continuing support to the club as educating the next generation of fishermen and fisherwomen on responsible fishing gives them a good head start to keeping fishing sustainable for future generations.

Currently, plans are underway for the Mililani Middle School Fishing Club's Annual Fishing Tournament which is scheduled to take place May 3-5. Thank you to Mr. Tracy and the MMS Fishing Club for inviting us over every year and for making the tasty snacks that are enjoyed by all.