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Mililani Middle School Fishing Club's 2nd Annual Fishing Tournament

May 5, 2013

The Mililani Middle School Fishing Club held their 2nd annual fishing tournament on May 3-5. The Sunday afternoon weigh-in was held in the school dining hall. This tournament was a conservation-themed event with a mix of catch, photo, and release entries as well as traditional tournament weigh-in entries. The participants were highly encouraged to use barbless hooks. The overall tournament drew around 20 club-member entries this year (club membership~40). Lots of pot luck food at the weigh-in added to the festivities.

The catches ranged from the much sought-after papio to all kinds of colorful reef fishes. Lots of fishes were caught, but the high number of catch, photograph, and released fish allowed the weigh-in to run pretty quickly. All of the catch-and-release fish photos were requested to be emailed to the BCH project. To spur student interest, the identification of and information on their catches will be emailed back to each student. Perhaps there is a budding fisheries scientist among these fishermen. Congratulations to all the participants for a job well done.