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New Hope Hawaii Kai 2nd Annual Keiki Fishing Tournament

July 28, 2012

Uncle Mike Kim from New Hope Hawaii Kai, well-known for running his "Fishing Ministry", and the gang put on a fun event for the budding fishers in their congregation. The 2nd annual Keiki Fishing Tournament was held at the Maunalua Bay Beach Park with 72 kids and their parents showing up in force for the morning event. There was lots of excitement, fun, prizes, and even an old-fashioned "fishing game" for the little kids (infants to 6 yrs) where everyone is a guaranteed winner. The adults enjoyed the quality family time as well. Quite a few fish and miscellaneous other creatures were caught and live released in this catch-and-release tournament. Screams and advice were being heard with every hook-up. One bamboo pole was even yanked into the water by a fish despite being wedged between some rocks. Everyone watched as the pole was pulled around the small cove for 10 minutes before coming close enough to shore to be retrieved by another angler. The result was a nice obake weke. The largest fish caught was an unusual balloon fish (Chilomycterus reticulatus) which was 12" long.

One child hooked herself in the foot but managed to remove it without any help. This prompted the organizers to say that they would be going all barbless next year for child safety and to help the fish. Maintaining a clean fishing area was another lesson. Then after the competition the entire congregation cleaned up the entire fishing area before getting their hot dog lunch and prizes.