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3rd Annual New Hope Hawaii Kai Keiki tournament

July 20, 2013

The New Hope Hawaii Kai 3rd Annual Keiki Fishing Tournament was hosted by Mike Kim - the church's self-proclaimed "Fishing Minister". This year 136 keiki and their parents were treated to a morning of fun and fishing using bamboo poles armed with barbless hooks. Bamboo poles, tackle, and bait were provided. Pre-fishing announcements informed the congregation that due to safety concerns it was to be all barbless fishing for the day (last year one child accidentally got hooked). Information about the catch-and-release and the safety-first format of the tournament was highlighted just prior to the start of fishing. This year a fair number of fish were caught and released, the park was cleaned, and everyone was fed chili rice and hot dogs for lunch with shaved ice for dessert. Mike and his crew made sure that all of the keiki went home with prizes. There was even a very special fishing hole for the youngest keiki where it was like shooting fish in a barrel. Everyone was a winner and went home with smiles on their faces.