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Fish and Dive Expo

March 10, 2013

This was the first year that the project participated in outreach at this popular event. Don't know if it was the rainy day or the truck show next door or all the great deals that brought the crowd out. Dave Itano, the new PIRO Recreational Fisheries Specialist, kindly shared his recreational fisheries booth with the BCH project and the Human Dimensions (sociology) team. An estimated 3500 fishing and diving enthusiasts attended the one-day expo. Dave's wall-sized display attracted many to the NOAA booth to meet and talk story with him in his new role. Many old and new faces stopped by to get the latest Barbless Newsletter and a free pack of barbless hooks. Many of the new faces came from the diving community as many of them occasionally fish in their non-diving free time. The new venue provided a great opportunity to interact with additional ocean users.