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Friends of Roland Galacgac Benefit Tournament

June 2, 2013

The Friends of Roland Galacgac Benefit Tournament went off without a hitch. Roland is the President of the Atlapac Fishing Club. This tournament was a fundraiser to help offset his mounting medical expenses. The entire shoreline fishing community pulled together for this event. Shorecasting clubs, tackle shops, wholesalers, friends, and many fishermen made this a special event. Atlapac's continued support for the Barbless Circle Hook Project from the absolute beginning made an invitation to this event very special. Barbless was one of only two projects invited to participate and outreach.

The tournament was a success attracting approximately 160 entrants. The weigh-in brought together all of the resources from multiple clubs such that there was a sound system for music and tournament announcements, multiple platform and hanging scales for fishes of all sizes, computers and printers for keeping track, a plate lunch tent, and a whole lot of donated raffle prizes with values of up to $750. The largest ulua of the day was a 49.9-lb white ulua but the real winner was Roland and the fishing community. For more pictures please visit