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7th Annual Fishing and Seafood Festival

October 7, 2012

The 7th Annual Fishing and Seafood Festival drew an estimated 23,000 people. The BCH Project had a successful outing distributing all of the sample packs of barbless circle hooks and nearly all of its outreach materials. On the main stage during the noontime ceremony, Samuel Pooley and Kurt Kawamoto presented angler Bryson Kawaihae with the 2012 award for the largest barbless ulua. Bryson did some personal outreach to promote the use of barbless circle hooks in the booth during the morning hours. Many anglers took advantage and asked questions about his experiences. His ulua weighed in at 85.3 lbs and took first place in the S. Tokunaga Store Ulua Challenge. This year in the Tokunaga, the 4 largest ulua weighed in were all caught on barbless circle hooks. This is the second tournament to have the top spots swept by barbless anglers.