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8th Annual Atlapac Invitational Oio Tournament

December 4, 2012

The last tournament for the calendar year 2012 was the 8th Annual Atlapac Oio Tournament. The weigh-in was held at President Roland Galacgac's house. Despite the windy weather, a lot of fish were weighed in. Some guys had "da spot" and others, like me, just went fishing for fun. This small tournament targeting oio had nearly 85% of the anglers sign up for barbless. Quite a number of oio were caught on barbless. The largest oio was caught on a standard hook by Tanner Puahi, a 7.53 lb oio. Second and third place were oios caught by Atlapac Club members Winston Icari (5.92 lbs) and Mike Marks (5.72 lbs) with barbless hooks. The most unusual and sought-after catch of the tournament was Mitchell Taketa's 2 nice kumu that were caught on his barbless circle hooks.

The weigh-in went smoothly with most of the oio heads and guts being donated to Kim Harding's Oio Tagging Project. The one ulua caught by Varrick Sabino (47.3 lbs) during this mid-winter tournament made this an even more exciting event. Thank you to Atlapac for wrapping up the year in style.