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Atlapac 7th Annual Oʻio Tournament

December 4, 2011

Three shorefishing clubs participated in this annual invitational where a Barbless Challenge is featured. Participation was good in this late season tournament and there was a 76% entry rate for the barbless category. Strong winds and rain was the weather pattern for the fishing period. The catches were very light this year with only a handful of oʻio being caught. Unfortunately, no fish were caught on barbless. Nevertheless, the club members had a good time visiting with each other and sharing experiences. Fishing was slow, with many anglers reporting not even getting any strikes at all. This is unusual because this is the traditional oʻio season. Last month at the Atlapac Obake and the Kakaako Kasting club tournaments, there were loads of oʻio with anglers lined up to weigh in. What a difference a couple of weeks and weather make.