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Eastside Challenge Fishing Tournament

January 29, 2012

The weigh-in for the Eastside Challenge Fishing Tournament was held at the Heeia pier. Fifty-four percent of the participants signed up for the Barbless Challenge. Catches were light and consisted only of oʻio. No other species were weighed in. Eleven fish (> 3 lbs) qualified of which 2 were caught using barbless circle hooks. The largest for the day was a 9.5 lb round jaw. There were no sharp jaw oʻio caught. Many of the competitors mentioned that despite putting in a lot of effort very few bites came from the target fishes and that the usual miscellaneous incidental and bycatch species were not biting either. The fishermen have noticed that water temperature has been pretty cold lately and theorized that the colder temperature may have put the bite off.