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Grace Bible Shoreline Fishing Tournament

May 20, 2012

The Grace Bible Shoreline Fishing Tournament was another first time "Barbless Circle Hook Challenge" participant. The barbless challenge hosted 36% of the anglers in this first year. Lots of fish weighed in with Stan Bennet winning the ulua Division with a 70.5 lber caught with a standard circle hook. Many anglers reported that the barbless hooks just didn't get any bites for some reason. Only 2 fish were landed by barbless. Randall Marumoto (2nd place in the GT Masters Cup) weighed in a 4.76 lb omilu and junior angler Kapu Yasumura got a 3.49 lb round lip oʻio to complete the barbless landings. Many species of fishes were caught but just not on barbless circle hooks. Better luck next year.