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GT Masters Cup Fishing Tournament

April 20, 2012

An annual highlight of the Hawaii Ocean Expo is the GT Masters Cup Fishing Tournament (more tournament pics here). The "Barbless Challenge" within the tournament had 91 participants out of 311 total. Although there were quite a few fish caught on barbless hooks only 2 white ulua qualified. Of those, the 42.5 lber placed third in the overall competition (missed second place by 1/2 lb). The angler Randall Muramoto was a first-time user of the hooks. He checked off barbless on the form (no cost to enter) and thought that it meant that he had to fish all barbless, so he did. He said that he tried every tool in his tool box trying to smash down the barbs, even a hammer and punch. He did manage to smash them eventually. He caught that ulua and said he is now convinced that they work and he'll spread the word to his friends. His fishing partner did not use barbless and caught the winning 48.9 lb ulua on his last cast be-fore going to the weigh in Sunday morning. After watching Randall catch his fish he'll be using barbless next tournament too.