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37th Hilo Casting Club Fishing Tournament

July 14, 2012

The 37th Annual Hilo Casting Club's tournament consistently has a high percentage of anglers that sign up to enter the Barbless Challenge. This year was no exception with 56% signing up. The largest barbless ulua was caught by Jarret Hanohano. Jarret caught a 73.6-lb ulua and placed second in the ulua division. Hilo Casting Club president Kahana Itozaki placed 7th in the Ulua Division with a barbless 41.2 lber. He also placed 4th overall in the omilu division with a barbless 10.2 lb omilu. Kahana weighed in 3 fish, all caught on barbless circle hooks. He also mentioned that he lost one ulua while using barbless but shrugged it off saying that it happens even with the barbed hooks. The omilu division was won by Tommy Cabanting using a barbless circle hook. His 19.9 lber took first place honors. He also caught a 12.2-lb almaco jack (kahala) and an 8.5-lb uku on barbless as well.

The overall competition was won by Dane Ramey who caught a 109.4-lb white ulua. It was his first 100 lber. Congratulations to the newest member of the 100 Lber Club. There was a lot of excitement in the Naniloa Hotel lobby where the weigh-in was held. It is the only tournament weigh-in that is done in a major hotel lobby. The Naniloa Hotel supports local activities and brings the "local flavor" to all its hotel guests who come to Hawaii to experience the special things that we all enjoy.