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Kakaako Kasting Club Annual Invitational Oio Tournament

November 11, 2012

The Kakaako Kasting Club held their annual Invitational Oio Tournament weigh-in at Pier 38. There were 100 participants of which 37 signed up for the "Barbless Challenge". Catches were pretty good but spotty as some anglers had no strikes or catches while others who were at the right place brought in multiple catches. The tournament minimum size of 5 lbs to qualify a fish for the weigh-in resulted in many smaller ones being released. Although there were lots of nice oio caught, only 2 came up on barbless circle hooks. Keoni Gaudia (5.85 lber) and Chris Wachi (5.65 lber) were the lucky anglers. One long-time barbless angler reported that he took a break and didn't check his line for over 1.5 hours when it got stuck and was surprised when the fish unstuck itself and was subsequently landed. The result was a non-qualifying 2.5 lb oio and a tangled up mainline, lead line, and hook line. There were also a good number of papio and uluas, with the winning ulua going 41.9 lbs.