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15th Annual KMart Shoreline Fishing Tournament

July 15, 2012

The KMart Shoreline Fishing Tournament is in its 15th year of competition. This very popular Kauai tournament that is all about giving back to and supporting the local community annually gets about 300 entrants. This year was no exception with about 329 entrants with a 2:1 ratio of adults to kids. This is a very family-oriented format with lots of chances for the kids to win. This year was the first time that barbless hooks were incorporated into the tournament. The KMart folks showed their support by making this the first tournament in the State to have barbless as an actual tournament category with prizes and money from the tournament itself. They gave away cash and prizes to the top 3 barbless catches that were entered by the angler into the category. In addition to the KMart barbless category, NOAA held a Barbless Challenge. Kauai's barbless anglers showed strong support, making up approximately 43% of the total participants in this first year.

Barbless circle hook catches included a 46 lb ulua which placed 4th overall, a 45.5 lb ulua which placed 5th overall, and other catches consisting of a wide variety of reef fishes–nenue, awa awa, oʻio, moray eel, and toau. Many thanks to the KMart gang for hosting this family-style community event and for promoting family values, healthy lifestyle and responsible fishing. They have been giving back to the community by running this tournament for 15 long years and they are committed to continuing the tradition. All of the tournament results may be found here.