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KMart 16th Annual Shoreline Tournament

July 21, 2013

The Kmart on Kauai held its 16th Annual Shoreline Tournament on Sunday July 21. A total of 152 keiki and 240 adults entered in this popular community tournament. This is the only tournament in Hawaii that has its own barbless category as well as the NOAA "Barbless Challenge". This year, along with the usual species, there was an unusual catch of a kala on a barbless hook. This herbivore was caught using seaweed for bait. Looks like barbless hooks are being adopted for unexpected species and uses. This year there was an abundance of fish caught and the weigh-in line was still very long even after the noon cutoff time. The tournament winning fish was caught on a standard circle hook. The large ulua weighed in at 91 lbs and was caught on the west side of Kauai. Reports from fishermen on Kauai say that an abundance of ulua over 100 lbs was being landed on Kauai this year.