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16th Annual P&R Ohana Shoreline Fishing Tournament

August 19, 2012

The 16th Annual P&R Ohana Shoreline Fishing Tournament weigh in was held at the Honokaa Gym. This was the first year for the "Barbless Challenge". The overall tournament had nearly 350 entrants of all ages. The varied divisions that this tournament includes make it fun for all ages to compete on level playing fields. The tournament hosts men, women, teens, children, kupuna, and ohana divisions.

The barbless hook anglers did a bang up job for this being just the first year. In the men's division Kahana Itozaki caught 3 fish on barbless – the 2nd place 53.4 lb ulua, a 48.4 lb ulua (only one fish qualifies), and an uku. In the women's division, Brendalyn Viernes caught a 7.6 lb omilu on barbless which placed 2nd. Edwna Tancayo placed 17th in the women's division weighing in a 4.3 oz barbless popaa. In the Kupuna Division, Susan Zimdars placed 2nd with a 4 lb 14 oz table boss. David Belo placed 3rd weighing in a 3 lb 13.8 oz table boss. This was truly a family fun event that give back to the community and even supported the local HS girls volleyball team by hosting a plate lunch sale at the weigh-in. Go girls!