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Tokunaga Ulua Challenge

June 10, 2012

The BCH project hit another milestone with a sweep of the top 3 places in the S. Tokunaga's Ulua Challenge shoreline fishing tournament by uluas caught on barbless circle hooks. The Ulua Challenge is already the largest shoreline tournament in Hawaii and it keeps growing every year. This year the Ulua Challenge broke its own record with a total of 569 anglers signing up. The 261 (46%) anglers entered in the Barbless Challenge is also a new all-time record. The higher numbers of participants doesn't necessarily mean that the catches were also going to be record breaking as well. After all it is called fishing, not catching. This year turned out to be a slow year for catching white uluas but a good year for omilu catches.

Fishing was reported to be very slow and many hard-core anglers came back empty-handed. However, there were a few bright spots for a few lucky barbless anglers. Danny Arase brought a nice 33.1 lb ulua to the scale, Kyle Kodama had a 31.2-lber, and Reyn Fujishige caught a 22.1-lber. Female angler Jolie Burgos made her mark with an 18.9-lb ulua to represent the women of the competition.

After a very slow start the highlight of the tournament occurred at the very end, with the very last truck and catches taking the top honors. In the cooler were the 3 largest uluas of the tournament. Up to that point 9-year-old Kalsey Nacis Jr. had been in first place with a 66.9-lb barbless white ulua. Bryson Kawaihae weighed in 2 barbless uluas, a 72.2 and an 85.3 lber. Rules state that only a single fish can qualify in each category so the 72.2 lber was disqualified while the 85.3 lber took the tournament's top honors. Uncle Rody Dasalla weighed in his barbless ulua a 79.9 lber, placing second. All this made for a tournament ending on an exciting last-minute conclusion with the 4 largest fish caught on barbless circle hooks.

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