Mapping Partners

CRED works with other organizations within NOAA to ensure that consistent, high quality data products are delivered in a timely manner. Although our primary mission is benthic habitat mapping and classification in the U.S. Pacific Islands region, data from our surveys are also being used to update nautical charts, to identify hazards to navigation, and for local engineering projects such as the identification of possible cable routes. We also work with many other NOAA organizations to coordinate mapping efforts; we actively participate in NOAA's Integrated Ocean Mapping working group, which is developing coordinated planning and mapping capabilities, and NOAA's Multibeam working group, which advises NOAA Marine and Aviations Operations on the requirements of the NOAA fleet's users.

Other federal partnerships include agencies responsible for managing marine resources in the U.S. Pacific Islands region or with which we share mapping tools and expertise. Several state and territorial agencies have participated in the mapping effort by providing pier space, escort boats and other logistic support; they also use our data products and advise us on product improvements.