Oceanographic Instruments

For access to data sets, contact the Ocean and Climate Change Team.

Sea-surface Temperature (SST) Buoys

Sea-surface Temperature (SST) Buoy

Moored buoys that provide high resolution SST. Subsets of these data are transmitted daily via satellite telemetry. Access these subsets here.

Wave-and-tide Recorders (WTRs)

Wave-and-tide Recorder

Subsurface moorings (SBE 26 and 26plus, Sea-Bird Electronics Inc., Bellevue, WA) that provide high-resolution wave and tide records; and temperature and conductivity data.

Subsurface Temperature Recorders (STRs)

Subsurface Temperature Recorder

Subsurface moorings (SBE 38 and SBE 56) that provide high-resolution temperature data. Additionally used on towboards during towed-diver surveys for temperature and pressure-based depth.

Shallow Water CTD

Shallow Water CTD

Ship-based profiler (SBE 19plus) that provides data on salinity (conductivity), temperature dissolved oxygen, and pressure-based depth.

Deep Water CTD

Deep Water CTD

Ship-based profiler (SBE 911plus) deployed up to a depth of ~500 m to provide high-resolution data on salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, fluorescence, and depth. A sampling carousel collects water samples at different depths for measurements such as chlorophyll-a, nutrients, and dissolved inorganic carbon.

Profiling Radiometer

Profiling Radiometer

Ship-based radiometric profiler (PRR-2600, Biospherical Instruments Inc., San Diego) that recorded high-resolution spectral measurements of ocean color throughout the euphotic zone.

No longer deployed. Data available.

Drifting Buoys

Drifting Buoy

Drogued Surface Velocity Program (SVP) drifters that used a GPS and satellite telemetry to report their position and measurements of SST.

No longer deployed. Data available.

Autonomous Temperature Floats

Autonomous Temperature Float

Profiling satellite drifters (APEX Autonomous Profiling Explorer, Teledyne Webb Research, Falmouth MA) that mimic diurnal migrations of zooplankton. They transmitted profiles of water column temperature daily by satellite telemetry.

No longer deployed. Data available.

Subsurface Ocean Data Platforms

Subsurface Ocean Data Platform

Subsurface moorings (SonTek ADP, SonTek/YSI, San Diego, CA; and SBE 37 MicroCAT) that provided high-resolution current profiles, directional wave spectra, temperature, and salinity data.

No longer deployed. Data available.

Current Meters

Current Meter

Subsurface moorings (RCM 9, Aanderaa Data Instruments AS, Bergen Norway) that provided high-resolution current velocity and direction at locations of interest.

No longer deployed. Data available.

Coral Reef Early Warning System (CREWS) Buoys

Coral Reef Early Warning System (CREWS) Bouy

Moored buoys that provided high-resolution data on SST, barometric pressure, wind speed, and wind direction. Enhanced versions additionally provide salinity, UV-B, and PAR. Subsets of these data were transmitted daily via satellite telemetry.

No longer deployed. Data available.