2008 External Review Provides Expert Guidance to PIFSC on Improving Science in Support of an Ecosystems Approach to Management

The PIFSC recently invited an external panel of experts to review the Center's ecosystem science programs, consult the Center's principal partners and provide constructive feedback to Center leadership about the job we are doing. During June 24-26 2008, the panel learned about the objectives, methods, and accomplishments of the Center's ecosystem-related research and monitoring programs and the key issues the Center faces in supporting NOAA Fisheries' mandates for an Ecosystems Approach to Management. [read agenda (0.1 MB PDF)].

Discussions between the panelists and Center staff were frank and stimulating. Comments from the review panel provided the Center with a better sense of our strengths and identified new directions we can explore to provide the broad, integrated science needed to support an Ecosystems Approach to Management and deliver related science products and services throughout the Region. [read summary comments of review panel (0.1 MB PDF)].