Information Technology Services

The Information Technology Services (ITS) group is composed of a team of System Administrators and a team of Systems Design specialists. The System Administrators are responsible for providing core IT support to PIFSC staff at the Dole Street facility and all satellite work sites. ITS system administrators maintain, monitor, and upgrade computer hardware, software, networking, communications, and related infrastructure and ensure compliance with growing IT security requirements. The ITS system design team is responsible for leading or assisting in the design and development of data systems to meet needs of users in all Center divisions and programs.

System Administrators

Network servers require regular maintenance by ITS systems staff.

During 2008, IT administrators maintained and enhanced information and technology support for Center staff in the face of significant logistical challenges, including the continuing dispersal of scientists to work centers away from the Dole Street facility. The addition of new PIFSC offices at the Kapiolani Boulevard work site required expansion of networking capability and other onsite IT support there. In addition, IT staff spent significant effort identifying future IT requirements for NOAA's new Pacific Regional Center at Ford Island. Several accomplishments of IT administrators in 2008 are noteworthy: Procured and installed a backup generator for the computer room at Dole Street to reduce downtime and better protect critical server and network equipment during power interruptions. Upgraded the Center's Oracle database servers and storage devices to provide increased storage and reliability of servers. Procured a new backup tape system with increased capability and speed to enable quicker backup operations. Completed comprehensive certification and accreditation of the PIFSC local area network in collaboration with NOAA Fisheries CIO staff and contractors. Adjusted and enhanced network to correct deficiencies identified in the audit.

Implemented the Federal Desktop Core Configuration on all laptops and workstations and encrypted Blackberry devices to comply with new security mandates.

Systems Design Team

The ITS Systems Design Team (SDT) helps PIFSC and the Pacific Islands Regional Office scientists, data managers and administrators complete their missions by designing and building cost-effective, time-saving information management solutions. The SDT provides database design and management expertise, application development services, and project management support both within the Pacific Islands Region and on a cross-regional basis through partnerships with NOAA Fisheries' national Fisheries Information System.

In 2008, SDT staff made good progress on several key projects to improve scientific and administrative information systems at the Center. Among the notable accomplishments were the following: