Message from the Science Directors Office

It is our pleasure to present this brief overview of research progress and accomplishments at the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center during 2010. It was a year of challenges, change, and opportunity. Our diverse staff of biologists, oceanographers, mathematical modelers, statisticians, economists and social scientists, as well as a wide range of professional support staff, addressed many scientific issues and made important strides forward. We completed an extensive survey of cetaceans in the western Pacific and the Mariana Archipelago; surveyed and described coral reef habitats and ecosystems in American Samoa and remote islands of the central Pacific; established an Integrated Ecosystem Assessment project on the Kona coast of Hawaii; produced comprehensive scientific assessments of resources to inform key management decisions; researched ways to reduce fishery interactions with protected species; improved biological models underpinning critical fish stock assessments; applied climate models to envision ecological changes in the North Pacific; and much more. Throughout, our scientists were ably assisted by the Center’s administrators, computer systems specialists, database managers and other devoted technical support staff. Our achievements were also enabled by fruitful collaborations with partners in government, academia and the private sector. As we move ahead in 2011, we hope to build on our recent progress. We will strive to provide innovative and relevant science to meet the growing needs of our stakeholders in the Pacific islands and across the nation.


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Samuel Pooley

Samuel Pooley, Ph.D.
Science Director

Michael Seki

Michael Seki, Ph.D.
Deputy Science Director