Message from the Science Director

We are pleased to present this brief overview of our research progress and achievements at the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center during 2011. The year was one of change, challenge, and opportunity. Our diverse staff of biologists, oceanographers, mathematical modelers, statisticians, economists and social scientists addressed many issues and made important scientific advances.

We surveyed and monitored coral reef ecosystems at Wake Atoll and the Mariana Archipelago; studied the distribution and abundance of cetaceans around Palmyra Atoll and in adjacent open ocean habitat; conducted field experiments to test innovative fishery-independent methods for estimating bottomfish populations; continued to monitor the population status of endangered Hawaiian monk seals across the Hawaiian Archipelago; explored effects of climate variables on the dynamics of loggerhead sea turtle nesting populations; produced comprehensive scientific assessments of resources to inform key management decisions; improved biological models underpinning critical fish stock assessments; and much more.

In all our scientific work, researchers were ably aided by the Center's administrators, computer systems specialists, database managers and other devoted technical support staff. Our achievements were further enabled by fruitful collaborations with partners in government, academia and the private sector. As we reach for our goals in 2012, we hope to expand on our recent progress. We will endeavor to provide our stakeholders with innovative and relevant science to meet the growing challenges of ecosystem-based resource management and marine conservation in the Pacific islands and across the nation.


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Samuel Pooley

Samuel Pooley, Ph.D.
Science Director

Michael Seki

Michael Seki, Ph.D.
Deputy Science Director