CIE Peer Review

Subject Larval Transport and Connectivity
Document(s) Reviewed
Kobayashi DR, Polovina JJ
2006. Simulated seasonal and interannual variability in larval transport and oceanography in the northwestern Hawaiian Islands using satellite remotely sensed data and computer modeling. Atoll Research Bulletin 543:365-390.
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Kobayashi DR
2006. Colonization of the Hawaiian Archipelago via Johnston Atoll: a characterization of oceanographic transport corridors for pelgic larvae using computer simulation. Coral Reefs 25:407-417.
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Kobayashi DR
2008. Larval retention versus larval reception: Marine connectivity patterns within and around the Hawaiian Archipelago. Unpublished manuscript.
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Kobayashi DR
2008. Natal retention mediated by diel vertical migration: Larval transport modeling in the Hawaiian Archipelago with layered current fields. Unpublished manuscript.
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Date May 2008

Computer simulation modeling has been undertaken at the NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center (PIFSC) to address questions of metapopulation connectivity and larval transport of insular species in the Hawaiian Archipelago. These simulation approaches utilize a variety of remotely-sensed and modeled oceanographic data in a lagrangian modeling framework. The modeling activities have taken place within the Ecosystems and Oceanography Division at the Science Center under the leadership of Dr. Donald Kobayashi.

In 2008, PIFSC solicited an independent peer review of these modeling approaches by the Center of Independent Experts (CIE). The review was conducted by a panel of two CIE-selected experts at a workshop convened during 19-22 May 2008 at the Hawaii Imin International Conference Center, University of Hawaii East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii. During the review workshop, all review material was presented by Dr. Kobayashi and discussed with the panel.

The independent peer reviews are posted on this web page.

— Samuel G. Pooley, Director

Reviewer Comments

Dr. R. K. Cowen
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
University of Miami
Miami, FL
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Dr. K. T. Frank
Bedford Institute of Oceanography
Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Summary Panel Report (0.1 MB PDF)