A Conjoint Analysis of Preferences for Tasteless Smoke-Treated Ahi Poke (Raw Tuna)


Despite declines in direct tuna imports to Hawaii, market observations suggest that imported tuna is becoming more common in the marketplace. A possible explanation for this could be transshipments of previously frozen and carbon monoxide treated tunas from U.S. mainland ports. This study aims to understand what factors/attributes may influence consumers' decision to purchase various types of poke, specifically comparing ahi poke made from locally harvested fresh tuna vs. the ahi poke made from carbon monoxide or tasteless smoke-treated tuna.


Fernandes da Costa PM, Hu W, Pan M
2011. Ahi Poke (raw tuna salad) consumption and consumer characteristics in Hawaii. Aquaculture Economics & Management 15(4): 302-315. DOI: 10.1080/13657305.2011.624576


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