Cost-Earnings Study of the American Samoa Small Boat and Spear Fisheries: 2015

Objectives and Methods

In late 2014, the PIFSC Socioeconomics Program collaborated with the American Samoa Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources to launch a cost-earnings study of American Samoa's small-boat fishing fleet and associated dive-spear fishery. This ongoing project involves in-depth interview research with local fishermen. The study is designed to examine economic and cultural aspects of small-boat fishing and explore the ways in which the small-boat fleet contributes to the American Samoa economy and the local community. Project deliverables will support PIFSC's long-term fisheries monitoring objectives by enabling managers to better understand sources and patterns of change in the region's small-boat fisheries over time. The survey data collection began in October 2014 and will be completed by June 2015.

Survey Form

Cost-Earnings Study of the American Samoa Small-Boat and Spear Fisheries: 2015 survey form