Cost-earnings Study of the Hawaii Charter Fishing Fleet: 2012



The objective of this study was to develop an empirical snapshot of the economic and social characteristics of charter boat fishing in Hawaii. This research will be important in establishing baselines to inform managers of the economic and social impacts of any potential future management alternatives and actions.

Using these data, we intend to describe various aspects of the fishery including: vessel characteristics, levels of fishing activity, trip characterization, annual fishing expenditures, economic performance of the fleet, social aspects of fishing, as well as attitudes and perceptions of fishery conditions and management.

A mixed-mode (mail and intercept) cost-earnings survey was fielded between March and June 2012. A publication of results is forthcoming.

Informational Products

Hawaii Charter Cost-Earnings Survey 2012 Flyer
Hawaii Charter Fishing Costs - What we know? (1997 data)

Summary Data Products

Hawaii Charter Fishing Cost-Earnings Survey: 2012 Preliminary Results

Popular Press

Hospital J, Beavers C
2012. New study to estimate value charter fishing in Hawaii. Hawaii Fishing News, Vol 38, Number 1.