Cost-Earnings Study of the Hawaii Longline Fishery: 2012


This report will present an economic summary of the Hawaii longline fishery in 2012 using results from a cost-earnings survey conducted in 2013. Survey forms were fielded in person to the entire Hawaii longline fleet. There were 129 active vessels in 2012, of those; there were 125 still active during the time of fielding the questionnaire. A total of 115 vessels were surveyed, with 10 vessels that opted not to participate in the questionnaire. There is an 89% response rate among all vessels active in 2012 and a 92% for those still active during the fielding of the questionnaire.

Using the information collected, we will be able to establish baseline economic information, summarize operational characteristics of the vessel and crew, investigate the monetary constraints of the Hawaii based Longline Fishery under current regulations, and recognize longline fishermen's perceptions towards alternative fishery management plans.


Kalberg K, Pan M
2012 Economic Cost-Earnings of Pelagic Longline Fishing in Hawaii. Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center Administrative Report. [currently under development]