Cost-Earnings Study of Hawaii Small Boat Fisheries: 2014

Objectives and Methods

The objectives of this study are to update baseline cost-earnings information for the commercial small boat fleet of Hawaii and to explore the economic and cultural value of Hawaii's small boat fisheries in order to provide fisheries managers with important economic and social fisheries data.

The information collected will be used to 1) satisfy regulatory objectives and analytical requirements through the collection of economic data for these fleets and 2) assist the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council in selecting policies that meet conservation and management goals and minimize to the extent possible any adverse economic impacts to fishery participants. In addition, the study will establish a first-time economic baseline for the Hawaii offshore handline fishery.

This study is funded through NMFS's "Commercial Fisheries Economic Assessment Index", a nationwide program to collect essential fisheries economic data. Mail surveys were sent to fishermen during the summer of 2014, and fishermen also had the option to complete the survey online.

Survey Form

Cost-Earnings Study of Hawaii Small Boat Fisheries: 2014 Survey Form

Informational Products

Cost-Earnings Study of Hawaii Small Boat Fisheries: 2014 Flyer
Hawaii Small Boat Socioeconomic Survey Receives High Response from Fishing Community

Popular Press

Pan M, Chan HL
2014. Hawaii Small Boat Survey 2014 Hawaii Fishing News, Vol 40, Number 7 & 8.