Study of Demand for Local Tuna versus Frozen, Imported Tuna


During FY2005, a study was conducted on imported frozen tunas treated with tasteless smoke and the impact of this product on the Hawaii fresh tuna market. The study found that many supermarket chains sold imported tunas which could have been previously frozen and treated with tasteless smoke (primarily carbon monoxide). This imported tuna was sold under the name "ahi poke", the same name used to label poke made from fresh, local tuna, and at a much lower price than the local fresh product. Some consumers were unaware of the imported tunas.


Pan M, Ming T
2004. Imported Tuna and Impact to Hawaii Fish Market and the Consumer Knowledge on Imported Frozen Tuna Treated with Carbon Monoxide on the Local Markets. The Western Pacific Fishery Management Council's Pelagic Plan Team, Honolulu, HI. September 29.