Study of Hawaii Fishing Technology and Fishing Capacity of the Hawaii Longline Fishery


This study attempted to assess technological changes in fishing and their effects on capacity in the Hawaii-based longline fleet. Fishing effort is traditionally measured in nominal terms, which usually cannot capture actual fishing power as enhanced by technological changes. This study aimed to identify important elements in determining effective fishing effort and fishery productivity by examining enhancements associated with fishing technology or vessel and gear attributes. Research activities included: (1) creating an inventory of all fishing technology changes in the Hawaii longline fleet during the past 20 years, and (2) conducting an in-person survey to investigate fishing technology changes for individual vessels, including the course of changes over time and associated costs.


Pan M, Nguyen Q
2006. Technology Changes and the Impact in Fishing Capacity in the Hawaii Longline Fishery. Pelagic Fisheries Research Program (PFRP) Principal Investigators 2006 Workshop. University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI, November 14-15.