Fisheries Monitoring Branch

The Fisheries Monitoring Branch (FMB) provides fisheries-dependent data, fishery reporting, technical support, and advice in support of federal and international fisheries management in the central and western Pacific. The FMB is comprised of an Insular Fisheries Monitoring Program (IFMP) and an International Fisheries Program (IFP). To address the fishery monitoring requirements of the Magnuson-Stevens Act, FMB collects, validates, and processes fishery-dependent information. IFMP collaborates with local fishery agencies throughout the U.S. Pacific Islands to provide support for insular fisheries stocks. IFP utilizes federal fishery logbook and observer programs to provide support to federal fisheries such as the Hawaiʻi longline fishery. FMB summarizes these data to provide reports on all federally managed fisheries, and to report on all highly migratory species fisheries to international fishery management organizations. IFP also conducts a program that consults on, encourages, or investigates testing of alternative fishing technologies to reduce bycatch and interactions with protected species, including testing on-board commercial or contracted fishing vessels, primarily in foreign fisheries.