Human Dimensions of the Kona Integrated Ecosystem Assessment Project

The Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center has completed a pilot Integrated Ecosystem Assessment (IEA) for the Kona region of Hawaii. The PIFSC Socioeconomics Program contributed to the IEA effort by providing several human dimensions analyses and inputs. One product was a list of socioeconomic indicators that could be added to the suite of ecosystem indicators being developed by the project. Another product was a suite of human dimensions GIS layers that can be used as overlays with other ecosystem indicators for spatial analyses. A third activity was participating in Symposium on Kona's Marine Ecosystem: Past, Present and Future, held in Kona September 15-16, 2011. The IEA web site above contains additional information about the IEA project and human dimensions components.

Other Socioeconomic Program projects were not conducted specifically for the IEA, but are relevant because they took place along the Kona coast. One such study was Mapping Coastal Uses in the Puako-Kalaoa Area. This marine spatial planning exercise was conducted in the Puako-Kalaoa area of the Big Island of Hawaii, a Hawaii Coral Program Priority Site. Detailed GIS maps were produced regarding coastal, marine, and watershed use types, locations, intensity, and seasonality of uses in the project area. More information, study results, and an interactive data viewer are available at NOAA's National Marine Protected Areas Center web site at: