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Casc?o I, Domokos R, Lammers MO, Santos RS, Silva MA. 2019. Seamount effects on the diel vertical migration and spatial structure of micronekton. Progress in Oceanography. 175:1-13.
Ingram RJ, Leong KM, Wongbusarakum S. 2019. Bringing human well-being into the West Hawai`i Integrated Ecosystem Assessment program. Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, PIFSC Internal Report, IR-19-005, 43 p.
Becker SL, Brainard RE, Van Houtan KS. 2019. Densities and drivers of sea turtle populations across Pacific coral reef ecosystems. PLOS One (In production)
Mollica NR, Cohen AL, Alpert A, Barkley HC, Brainard RE, Carilli J, DeCarlo TM, Drenkard E, Lohmann G, Mangubhai S, Pietro K, Rivera HE, Rotjan RD, Scott-Beuchler C, Solow A, Young C. 2019. Repetitive bleaching and different thermal sensitivities of Pacific coral assemblages revealed in skeletal records from massive corals. Coral Reefs (In production)
Kingma E, Bigelow K. 2019. Evaluation of US territorial bigeye tuna catch and allocation limits. Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, PIFSC Internal Report, IR-19-004, 17 p.
Williams ID, Couch C, Beijbom O, Oliver T, Vargas-Angel B, Schumacher B, Brainard R. 2019. Leveraging automated image analysis tools to transform our capacity to assess status and trends on coral reefs. Frontiers in Marine Science. [Link]
Carvalho F, Lee HH, Piner KR, Kapur M, Clarke SC. 2019. Can the status of pelagic shark populations be determined using simple fishery indicators? Biological Conservation. Dec 228:195-204.
Chan HL, Pan M. 2019. Vessel level annual cost-earnings study of the Hawaii offshore handline fishery and the Hawaii small boat commercial fishery, 2014. U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA Technical Memorandum NOAA-TM-NMFS-PIFSC-80, 50 p.
Moody KN, Wren JLK, Kobayashi DR, Blum MJ, Ptacek MB, Blob RW, Toonen RJ, Schoenfuss HL, Childress MJ. 2019. Evidence of local adaptation in a waterfall-climbing Hawaiian goby fish derived from coupled biophysical modeling of larval dispersal and post-settlement selection. BMC Evolutionary Biology. Apr 19:88.
Aguirre AA, Longcore T, Barbieri M, Dabritz H, Hill D, Klein PN, Lepczyk C, Lilly EL, McLeod R, Milcarsky J, Murphy CE. 2019. The One Health approach to toxoplasmosis: epidemiology, control, and prevention strategies. EcoHealth. Apr 3:1-3.
McCracken, M. 2019.  Hawaii permitted deep-set longline fishery estimated anticipated take levels for Endangered Species Act listed species and estimated anticipated dead or serious injury levels for the listed marine mammals. Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, PIFSC Data Report DR-19-011.
Andrews A, Yeman C, Welte C, Hattendorf B, Wacker L, Christl M. 2019. Laser ablation AMS reveals complete bomb 14C signal in an otolith with confirmation of 60-year longevity for red snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) Marine & Freshwater Research.
Andrews AH, DeMartini EE, Brodziak J, Nichols RS, Humphreys Jr RL. 2019. Growth and longevity of Hawaiian grouper (Hyporthodus quernus)?input for management and conservation of a large, slow-growing grouper. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.
Marrack L, Maynard J, Tracey D, Gove J, Marra J, Conklin E, Genz A, Most R, Seidel B, Springer H, Wiggins C. 2019. Anchialine pools: vulnerability to climate change in west Hawai?i. Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, PIFSC Special Publication, SP-19-003, 10 p.