Science Plan Provides Framework for PIFSC Research and Monitoring

April 9, 2013

The PIFSC Science Plan, completed in March 2013, provides a comprehensive framework for organizing and prioritizing the Center's research and monitoring activities. By publishing the Science Plan, we aim to communicate this framework in a way that shows the full suite of Science Center research under major themes. With this structured format we hope that the public, our key stakeholders, and our staff can see how the work of each part of PIFSC contributes to the overall Center mission. The Science Plan also identifies the strategic mandates that drive our key research and monitoring activities and inform our budget planning process.

The PIFSC Science Plan is part of a national NOAA Fisheries science enterprise effort to generate science plans for all six NOAA Fisheries science centers and the NOAA Fisheries Office of Science and Technology. It was created largely by PIFSC staff and improved through useful comments on earlier drafts by stakeholders and the public in the Pacific Islands region. We very much appreciate this external input; it helped make the plan more relevant to our applied scientific research and monitoring mission.

The PIFSC Science Plan is intended to be flexible. It will be augmented by "implementation plans" designed to integrate the strategic view of the Science Plan with our annual budgets; the first implementation plan is scheduled for federal fiscal year 2014. And the PIFSC Science Plan will be revised every 5 years, and more frequently as conditions require.

We hope the PIFSC Science Plan provides helpful insight into our research directions and priorities. Comments on the plan and our research are always welcome.


Samuel Pooley, Director
Michael Seki, Deputy Director

Download the PIFSC Science Plan (0.7 MB PDF)