The NOAA FISHERIES SERVICE held a successful "Kona Community Day" and "Science Night"


On July 31, NOAA PIFSC held the "Kona Community Day" at the King Kamehameha Kona Beach Hotel, in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. The numerous exhibits that conformed this outreach and education venue attracted a wide audience that included local residents, tourists, teachers and sport fishermen alike. Two local Big Island news companies came through and filmed the event. The event contained numerous displays and hands-on exhibits that captivated the audience, in addition to providing numerous information and educational resources. From space-based satellite observations to observing billfish eggs and larvae through microscopes, NOAA PIFSC scientists shared knowledge and experiences with the general public during "Kona Community Day".

Large conglomeration of marine debris spilling out over the table onto the floor

During the event, scientists presented various talks about sharks, Hawaiian monk seals, and turtles. Furthermore, displays and exhibits addressed a variety of topics that included satellite observations of the oceans, observing billfish eggs and larvae through microscopes, watching as researchers map the ocean floor; learning how the scientists assist in the recovery of damaged coral, discovering what monk seals do out at sea; learning how to watch Hawaii's marine wildlife responsibly and safely as well as learning how to fish with barbless hooks.