Schedule of Peer-Reviews for the Pacific Islands Region

Updated 12/19/2017

This schedule is approved by the WPSAR Steering Committee, for planning and informational purposes only and subject to change without notice. There is a lag period between end of review and delivery for management purposes.

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N = number of species or "?" if undetermined
Year of Review  
2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Stock Assessments
MHI Deep 7 Bottomfish Complex              
  Non-Deep 7 Bottomfish: Uku            
  Non-Deep 7 Bottomfish: Taape            
  Non-Deep 7 Bottomfish: Ulua            
  Reef Fish Species (N=24)            
  Bigeye Scad (Akule)              
  Mackrel Scad (Opelu) Complex              
  Spanner Crab (Kona Crab)            
Guam Bottomfish Complex            
  Reef Fish Species (N=?)              
CNMI Bottomfish Complex            
  Reef Fish Species (N=?)              
American Samoa Bottomfish Complex            
  Reef Fish Species (N=?)              
Other Scientific Analyses
Method for Delineation of Essential Fish Habitat              
Length-Based Assessment of Reef Fish            
Catch-MSY Assessment of Reef Fish            
Bycatch Estimation            
International Stock Assessments: For Informational Purposes
Select stocks of regional interest shown. Schedule decided by RFOs/RFMOs.
PIFSC participation: D = data provided, A = assessment scientists & data provided
Tuna Bigeye Tuna (D)                 X
  Skipjack Tuna (D)                 X
  Yellowfin Tuna (D)                 X
  Pacific Bluefin Tuna (D)             X  
  North Pacifc Albacore Tuna (D)               X  
Sharks North Pacific Blue Shark (A)               X  
  North Pacific Shortfin Mako Shark (A)             X  
  Silky Shark (D)                 X
  Oceanic Whitetip Shark (D)               X
Billfish North Pacific Striped Marlin (A)             X  
  Pacifc Blue Marlin (A)             X  
  North Pacifc Swordfish (A)               X  
Color Code Review Tier
  WPSAR Benchmark Review
  WPSAR Update Review
  CIE Review
  Exempt, reviewed by RFOs/RFMOs
CIE Center for Independent Experts
CNMI Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
ISC International Scientific Committee for Tuna and Tuna-Like Species
MHI Main Hawaiian Islands
PIFSC Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
RFMO Regional Fisheries Management Organization
RFO Regional Fisheries Organization
WCPFC Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission
WPSAR Western Pacific Stock Assessment Review Framework