Dr. Erin Oleson Joins PIFSC to Lead Cetacean Research Program

The PIFSC Protected Species Division (PSD) is pleased to welcome Dr. Erin Oleson to serve as the new Leader of the Cetacean Research Program. Dr. Oleson joined the Division in late November 2008. Dr. Oleson comes to the Division from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, where she was a Project Scientist studying the distribution and abundance of cetacean populations using passive acoustic methods. Dr. Oleson led several research projects at Scripps, including a collaborative project with Dr. Robin Baird to acoustically assess cetacean occurrence and seasonality off the Island of Hawaii. She has conducted acoustic tagging of humpback, blue, and fin whales off California and in the eastern tropical Pacific; conducted shipboard and acoustic surveys for cetaceans off the US west coast; and used long-term autonomous acoustic recorders to assess seasonal species occurrence off the US west coast, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Antarctic. As leader of the Cetacean Research Program, Dr. Oleson will oversee field investigations, conduct statistical analyses, provide scientific advice, and prepare status reports and manuscripts on research conducted to assess cetacean population in the Pacific Islands Region.

For more information contact: Bud Antonelis