Ceremony Commemorates 25 Years of Cooperation on Turtle Research

A commemoration ceremony was held at Punaluu Bay on the island of Hawaii marking 25 years of cooperative research and educational accomplishments between the Marine Option Program (MOP) of the University of Hawaii at Hilo (UH-Hilo) and the PIFSC Marine Turtle Research Program (MRTP). The partners have carried out many joint research activities over this period. Numerous UH-Hilo faculty and staff, and more than 2,000 students, have worked with George Balazs and other MTRP staff to learn more about the growth rates, diets, movements, health, and conservation status of green turtles in Hawaiian waters. A significant element of the research has taken place at Punaluu Bay, island of Hawaii.

Participating in the celebratory event were UH-Hilo MOP faculty coordinators Lisa Parr and Dr. Jason Turner; longtime staff MOP coordinator John Coney; UH-Hilo Vice Chancellor of Research Dr. Michael Crosby; and Dr. Walter Dudley, director of the Kalakaua Marine Education Center at UH-Hilo. Jeffrey Kuwabara of the UH-Manoa MOP and Donna Brown of the Maui Community College MOP also attended.

For more information contact: George Balazs