ISC Convenes 11th Plenary Session, Establishes Work Plans

The 11th Plenary of the International Committee for Tuna and Tuna-like Species in the North Pacific Ocean (ISC) was held in San Francisco on July 20–25, 2011. The meeting was attended by ISC members from Canada, Chinese Taipei, Japan, Korea, Mexico and the United States. The meeting was led by Gerard DiNardo, ISC Chair and PIFSC scientist.


The ISC endorsed a finding based on a recent stock assessment that the albacore stock in the North Pacific was not experiencing overfishing and was not likely in an overfished condition. The Committee further recommended that the fishing mortality rate on albacore not be increased. The Plenary maintained the conservation advice of the 10th ISC Plenary with minor changes for clarification with respect to advice for Pacific bluefin tuna, striped marlin, and swordfish.

The research work plan of the ISC Shark Working Group was endorsed, along with a prioritized list of shark species of interest: blue shark and shortfin mako shark. The ISC work plan for 2011–2012 includes completing new stock assessments for striped marlin and Pacific bluefin tuna by the 12th ISC Plenary; continuing preparation for a Pacific blue marlin stock assessment in 2012; preparing for an updated blue shark stock assessment in 2012–2013; improving the ISC database and website management; and conducting a peer review of the ISC structure.

A special seminar on Best Available Scientific Information was held in conjunction with the 11th Plenary. The ISC will incorporate concepts from this seminar into its Operations Manual.

The Plenary elected Chi-Lu Sun to serve as Vice-Chair for 2011-2014 after Michel Dreyfus stepped down. The next Plenary will be held in Japan in July 2012.